The Vegan Road Trip is my documentary baby which will be ready to meet the world sometime before I'm dead, hopefully. I drove from DC to LA with a small film crew and stopped at many places in between, randomly knocking on people’s doors and offering to cook them a vegan meal; filming the whole experience from grocery shopping, to cooking, to talking about the stigma and resistance around eating a vegan diet.   I connected with the hosts by strolling down memory lane as we talked about tradition, food, culture, love and the possibility for some change in the midst of all that.

I've been a vegetarian since the age of 7.

Let's just call it an absurd excuse for a school trip to the grocery store that did it.

And I've been veggie ever since (except that one month in college when someone dared me to drunk eat a chicken wing.  For thirty days I walked around with the largest bucket of chicken wings you could buy, starting at 11am when they opened, and then carried it around all day snacking like the cute little carnivore that I was acting like, but of course worrying all the while I'd tapped into a primal instinct I wouldn't shake).  

What changed my mind back? 

I puked a bunch then cried.  

NOW I've been VEGAN ever since.  Ya know, to make up for it.  

Anyway, I don't want to change your mind, I just want to cook you dinner.

I actually do want to change your mind, but I've learned instead to making offerings instead of criticisms. 

So.  This is me, and I hope you like what you find here.  If not, we can still be friends. 


I had a dog named Pepper who shows up on the blog a lot.  Because we were a co-dependent match made in heaven, and I miss her more than my Vitamix when it's out for repair.

I like ganja.  And sometimes I bake it into cookies 'n things.  

I have hugged a tree, though I don't do it regularly, because NYC.

Most importantly, I'm trying to encourage the idea that we're all animals deserving of love and freedom, one meal at a time.