The Hungry Wolfe Granola

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Lavender, Vanilla Bean and Hemp

This flavor is a simple kind of fancy, like tea-time in England.  It's got the traditional warmth of vanilla bean, but also a small hint of lavender that'll make you question out loud: "what is that delicious, yet unidentifiable flavor?"  Pairs well with Earl Grey and everything.



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Salted Pistachio and Wild Blueberry 

This bag 'o nuts is a laid back kind of fancy. Donning some sophisticated, yet relatable flavors like pistachio, coconut and dried wild blueberries.  I just drooled.  I may be partial.

Toasted Maple Almond Tahini and Apricot

This is what you bring to that fancy brunch with all of your elite, yet totally relatable friends who “drank too much champagne last night,” and need some breakfast in bed, but alas! You guys are brunchin! Fits in beautifully between the french toast and breakfast sandwiches.

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My name is Alex Wolfe and I desperately wanted to make something that really helped the world, but I don’t know how to make solar panels and I have too many inappropriate pictures of me online to run for office, so I devoted myself to making the best sustainable food out there and my parents said I did, so it must be true. It’s granola! No animals were harmed in the making... 10% of profits donated monthly to different animal rights organizations!
— Alex, Founder of The Hungry Wolfe brand

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Chipotle, Cherry, Cacao and Pecan

This bag of crunchy yum is fancy in the way a weekend in the Hamptons is fancy.  A bit unusual, might not want to live there full time, but extremely glad you went.  Try it.  It might just be for you. 


West Village

183 christopher st.

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