The Hungry Wolfe Granola

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Lavender, Vanilla Bean and Hemp

This flavor is a simple kind of fancy, like tea-time in England.  It's got the traditional warmth of vanilla bean, but also a small hint of lavender that'll make you question out loud: "what is that delicious, yet unidentifiable flavor?"  Pairs well with Earl Grey and everything.









78 Orchard st.

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Salted Pistachio and Wild Blueberry 

This bag 'o nuts is a laid back kind of fancy. Donning some sophisticated, yet relatable flavors like pistachio, coconut and dried wild blueberries.  I just drooled.  I may be partial.


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My name is Alex Wolfe and I desperately wanted to make something that really helped the world, but I don’t know how to make solar panels and I have too many inappropriate pictures of me online to run for office, so I devoted myself to making the best sustainable food out there and my parents said I did, so it must be true. It’s granola! No animals were harmed in the making... 10% of profits donated monthly to different animal rights organizations!
— Alex, Founder of The Hungry Wolfe brand

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Chipotle, Cinnamon and Pecan

This bag of nuts is fancy in the way a weekend in the Hamptons is fancy.  A bit unusual, might not want to live there full time, but extremely glad you went.  Try it.  It might just be for you. 


West Village

183 christopher st.

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